RVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Trichy main road, Sulur, Coimbatore.
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Quick overview of regulations followed by our school

- The School Starts at 9.00 am. The first bell rings at 8.50 am, the second bell is at 8.55 am. The school closes at 3.50 pm.

- However the school starts at 7.45 am for the Board going students i.e; Std, X, XI,XII and closes at 6.00 pm.

- Children, who are weak in studies, are given special coaching classes after the school hours up to 5.20 pm.

- Building intellectual capital is the hallmark of RVS Student, we expect the students entrusted to our cause, will conduct themselves to the satisfaction of all the concerned and leave the school after a successful career as God fearing young men and women useful to themselves, their parents and the society.

- All the students must attend the school assembly punctually. Coming late to school or class is considered a serious offence. Damage (if any) done to the building, furniture, library books, sports good etc.., must be compensated.

- The school authorities reserve the right to take appropriate disciplinary action including dismissal against any student whose conduct is detrimental to the moral tone, discipline and educative atmosphere of the school.

- Students are not permitted to leave the school campus without the permission of the class teachers and the Principal during working hours.

- Every student should bring the diary to class every day and keep it neat and secure. It contains detailed information regarding the teaching-learning experience in the school.

- Parents who desire to have an extra copy of the same may purchase it from the school office/ school's Book shop.

- Students are not permitted to meet the parents/visitors or to leave the school without the knowledge of the class teacher and the permission of the principal and no parent or visitor is allowed to meet any student during working hours without the permission of the Principal.

- Whenever a student, using the school bus regularly, is taken home by parents in their own vehicle, the class teacher and principal must be informed.

- Students should converse only in English within the campus in order to acquire fluency in English language, which gains the student a world class status and an edge over the others.

- No student is permitted to bring cell phone or any other gadgets which may distract him/her from concentrated study.

- Parents who are desirous of meeting the Principal may drop in after obtaining prior appointment.

- If the parent wants to discuss the progress of the students, he/she can meet the class teacher between 4.00 and 4.30 pm only in office.

- Annual health check up is done for each and every student. Parents are requested to sign the health record. It helps them to get a complete idea of the child's health.

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