RVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Trichy main road, Sulur, Coimbatore.
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To inculate "sound mind in a sound body," we have the following activity/training/facility in our school and the related activities are held on a regular basis.

The National Cadets Corps - Air Wing unit in our school is to highlight the NCC activity in our school. Through programmes, activities, camps, trainings etc, a cadet improves his/her personality development from the young age. At present the troop is undergoing various stages in NCC under the guidance of our NCC staff, Third officer, ANO.

To ensure both physical and psychological fitness, the school promotes various skills at games where each student is motivated to have mastery over in an individual game. Every student must take part in school games and activities.

Karate is the classical art of weaponless self defense. Traditionally karate gives mental focus and discipline to develop physical skills such as speed, strength and agility. Karate is taught to student of Class I onwards.

School students from class I are given yoga practice by an expert yoga trainer. Yoga brings down stress and enhances the power of relaxation, boosts physical strength, stamina and flexibility, boosts functioning of the immune system. It helps in developing concentration and physical well being

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