RVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Trichy main road, Sulur, Coimbatore.
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The students are provided with well equipped and planned laboratories convenient enough to perform their practical, with concentration and they are on the second floor away from the noisy class rooms. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Lab are furnished with all the amenities required. Students from std VI to XII are taken to the labs for their practicals, as required for their provided syllabus.

Our school library is well furnished with books, encyclopedias, a wide range of reference books, Children's classics, weekly, monthly and fortnightly educational magazines and newspapers in English and Tamil. Apart from the library periods, students are permitted to come and take books whenever time permits. Every year it is being added with the latest publications, suitable for students here. At present we have a total number of 9135 books alone.

EBIX - The Smart Classrooms
EBIX - The Smart Class boards in all the class rooms are a modern technology in education which makes the learning process highly interesting and easily intelligible with increased retention levels. The students and teachers enjoy their teaching learning process which provides satisfaction to the teacher and the taught. Since students visualize, all that is taught, they understand well and are able to retain what they learn, and it makes the teaching and learning highly productive.

Kalam Hall
Kalam Hall is an auditorium where our audience sits and enjoys the school functions like Annual day, Children's day, Christmas day, Diwali celebration etc..,

Conference Hall
Conference hall is an additional provision to conduct meetings, CCA competitions etc.. For KG classes it also acts an Audio- visual room.

Assembly Ground
The school Assembly is a gathering of all and for any variety of purposes, such as special programs or for communicating information on a daily or weekly basis. The students and teachers gather to perform a common morning prayer programme which is systematised with different modes of prayers of each day of the week and to make common announcement, facilitate, winners of different inter-house, intra school and inter school competitions.

AV Hall
The Audio-Visual Hall with all the facilities is provided for the teacher and students to take their seminar sessions with the Audio-Visual Aids. The motivational seminars and Guest Lectures are also housed in the Audio-Visual Hall, which is spacious enough to seat more than a hundred students.

Compu-Tech Lab - The Junior Computer Lab
Computer lab is a specially designed and well equipped lab for the students of STD I to V. Each student works individually. They are taught to use the tools for Microsoft office, Scratch, Pivot animator, Movie Maker, G comprise, Story book viewer, Tux Paint etc.

Senior Computer Lab
The computer Lab is a multi-purpose technology and collaborative workspace located at the second floor.The Lab is equipped with 35 desktop systems with a projector and is well furnished.The softwares from class VI to XII include Microsoft office, HTML, C, C++, Photoshop, Advanced Excel, Java Script, Open office etc…

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